‘Kill It And Go away This City’ Director Mariusz Wilczynski Interview — Contenders – .

KilI It And Leave This Town is a deeply personal, unconventional, and moving hand-drawn animation by artist and animator Mariusz Wilczynski, whose debut feature film explores topics such as grief and childhood.

“I wouldn’t say it’s biographical. It’s a story based on emotions that I had to deal with and things that happened in my life. It came from a deep sense of sadness that I went through when my parents died, ”Wilczynski said during the film panel at Contenders International. “I realized there was no tomorrow. I had a lot of regrets, unfinished conversations and mistakes that I wanted to make up for. That’s what the film does. “

We hear the project started as a short film and as it grew in the director’s mind it took a remarkable 12 year journey to become a feature. “At some point the film outwitted me,” says Wilczynski. “It got smarter than me and I started following it.”

The voice of the film is a who’s who of famous Polish film company names, not all of which survived to see the final version, including Andrzej Wajda. “You put your heart and soul into working with me on this film. Unfortunately, many of them haven’t seen it, but I have a feeling that maybe somewhere they are watching and proud of it. “

Wilczynski credits his producer Ewa Puszczynska for helping him finally get the film over the line. It premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in early 2020 and is now campaigning for the Oscar for the best animated feature. Outsider Pictures takes care of sales and distribution in the USA.

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