Lady Used Gorilla Glue To Model Hair & Now She Can’t Wash It Out (Video)

Angry! If in any way a person was necessary, Sister would definitely be that woman.

If you don’t live under a rock, you know you’ve heard of a woman who used Gorilla Glue on her hair.

In a video posted on social media, IG user @im_d_ollady stated that her Got2B Glued ran out and opted for Gorilla Glue instead.

In a video she explained: “When I style my hair, I like to finish it off with a little Got2B adhesive spray. You know just to keep it in place. Well I ran out of Got2B adhesive spray so I used it. Gorilla glue spray. Bad, bad, bad idea. You see my hair. It doesn’t move. Do you hear what i’m telling you It doesn’t move. I’ve washed my hair 15 times and it doesn’t move. “

She continued, “So I’m telling you, if you ever run out of Got2B adhesive spray, never use it. Unless you want your hair to be like this forever. “

In the next video, she put shampoo on her scalp and wiped it off, which showed that her hair was stuck to her head.

She said, “Look! You wipe it off and nothing happens. This is the life I think I’ll have to live at this point. Appearance! Appearance! Appearance!”

The young woman exclusively told TSR that she had not found a solution yet, but she will keep us updated.

Roommates, whatever you do, don’t use Gorilla Glue on your hair.

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