Lala Presents Carmelo Anthony A Diamond Pendant In The Form

Celebrities went out of their way by Christmas Day by exchanging lavish gifts to their friends, families and those in need. Today Lala Anthony and her son Kiyan Anthony did not disappoint! Lala shared a preview of a custom piece of jewelry with her son’s face on Instagram that he designed for his father, Carmelo Anthony. The piece that came from Mazza New York was really one of a kind.

Lala wrote on Instagram: “WOOWWWWWW‼ ️Kiyan came to me with a crazy idea of ​​what he was going to bring his father for Christmas this year. Thank you @mazzanewyorkofficial for bringing my son’s vision to life! That’s crazy! IMPRESSIVE! I’m speechless. My son went crazy !! 🥰🥰 # stayme7o ”

TSR contacted Mazza New York and was able to find out exclusive details about the piece. Carmelo received 14 carat rose gold with VVS ED diamonds, all floral set pieces. Kiyan’s face and body have been hand painted in enamel to capture all of the details and features required to make it a work of art.

As of now, the video Lala shared is the digital rendering, and the actual piece will be ready in about 2-3 weeks. Then it is delivered to Lala by hand. When it comes to this piece of jewelry we know Lala has the coins so we definitely checked out how much of a bag she blew.

Mazza New York told us that the cost is “priceless, to be honest!” They also said that such a piece was extremely sentimental and not a typical piece of jewelry. That being said, it cost between $ 20 and $ 25,000. My goodness! We look forward to the final version as soon as Lala receives it!

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