Lee Daniels Warns CNN Of “Darkish Time” In America Following Capitol Assault – .

“I want to say I wasn’t shocked, but I was shocked,” Lee Daniels told CNN tonight of his response to the January 6th murderous attack on Congress by a bunch of MAGA idiots.

With Don Lemon on AT & T’s own cable news to promote its Golden Globe nominee The United States vs. Billie Holiday, Empire co-creator Daniels reacted bluntly to the coup attempt by Donald Trump and his supporters. At the same time, the Oscar nominee put the spotlight on the racist foundations of the Confederate flag waving insurgents and the Trump-led Republican Party that lit the flames.

“We were locked in, we were shot at, we were … I can’t even imagine what would have happened,” Daniels told Lemon of what would have happened almost a month ago in the barely guarded Capitol. The crowd was black, instead of the barely touched and overwhelming white invaders. “And it really is a statement of where we are in America,” added Daniels, just days before the second impeachment trial of the former host of the Celebrity Apprentice is due to begin in the Senate on February 9th.

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“It’s a dark time right now.”

Andra Day-directed Billie Holiday, which kicks off in Hulu on February 26, focuses on the government’s relentless persecution of the jazz legend for her performance of the anti-lynch ballad “Strange Fruit.” When the FBI planted drugs on addict Holiday in the 1940s and tried to break them personally and professionally, the singer’s activism continued to develop and became an integral part of the civil rights movement. Based on Johann Haris 2015 Chasing the Scream: The First and Last Days of the War on Drugs, the film directed by Daniels and written by Suzan-Lori Parks was nominated for two Golden Globes earlier this week – Best Actress for the Day and Best Original Song for ” Tigress and Tweed. “

Still, for Daniels, despite the fact-based vacation movie, the madness of our current reality leaves a biography or fiction way behind – at least in terms of credibility.

“You can’t write a script like this, you can’t write a script Don, you can’t write a script like we see it, as we see it now in the Capitol and in the country,” Daniels said on CNN tonight of the Depth and bloody political and cultural divide and the resurgence of white supremacy cripple America in this month of black history.

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