Lori Harvey & Michael B. Jordan Proceed To Flaunt Their New Romance—She Let’s Everybody Know He’s “Mine”

Roommates Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan have barely been public as a couple for a month and they are already the most talked about new couples. While the two continue their island baiting for Lori’s birthday, Michael posted a shirtless photo she took – but it was the caption that made it clear where the relationship is clear.

Jaws fell and virtual hearts were broken after it was finally confirmed that Lori Harvey and Michael B. Jordan were officially a couple after months of rumors. Since then, they have shared an endless number of photos, videos, comments, and nicknames with fans as they document their romance in real time.

In his last post, Michael posted a photo of himself wearing swimming trunks and showing off his washboard abs – and Lori wasn’t far behind with one very specific comment. She just wrote under the photo, “Mine,” her tongue wagging the emoji to remove any confusion about how tight those two are.

In the meantime, as we reported, Steve Harvey (Lori’s stepfather) finally spoke about what he thinks of Michael who is going out with her:

“I like this. I still have my eye on him. I mean, I like him, but like I tell everyone, I might like you, I like to approve of you, but I have a thumb-sized part of my heart that’s just filled with sheer hatred of your a *. Just in case I need it. “

He added, “Like now. Nice guy but I have this little department partner who just click a switch and I can hate your a **. Because for me you are not the sexiest man in the world! Let’s get that straight. “

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