Louisville College Shuts Down, Tells White College students To ‘Educate Yourselves On Systemic Racism’

A university in Louisville canceled all classes after a police officer charged him with the death of Breonna Taylor and urged white students to educate themselves about systemic racism.

Susan Donovan, president of Bellarmine University, announced to her students that classes have been dropped. That decision came after “hearing from many of our students of color and their allies and consulting with faculty and student leaders,” Campus Reform reported.

“Regardless of how the courts handle the case, Breonna Taylor’s death reminds us that we as a society have so much more to do to end systemic racism and achieve justice for all,” Donovan said in the letter, who later wrote: white members of our Bellarmine community to learn about systemic racism, recognize your part in it and work towards inclusion. “

She urged her students to “continue to channel their feelings into constructive action, such as: B. to push for a police reform ”. [. . .] and exercise your right to vote for candidates who share your views on the fair and just treatment of all people. “

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“Our country has not seen such racial justice activism since the 1960s. We need to keep pushing for reforms and the end of inequality, ”said Donovan.

A grand jury on Wednesday indicted a former Louisville, Kentucky police officer on three cases of “first degree vandalism” when Taylor, a black woman who was killed in a raid on her home in March, died.

Sgt. Brett Hankison escaped the grand jury’s more serious crime related to murder. Wanton endangering in the first degree is a class D crime that carries a maximum possible prison sentence of five years. His bail was set at $ 15,000.

No other police officers involved in the raid were prosecuted. Ofc. Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Johnathan Mattingly were on site during the shooting, and Mattingly was shot in the leg and operated on after the police operation.

Ben Crump, attorney for Breonna Taylor’s family, said on Twitter that the indictment “wasn’t quite what we wanted,” but added, “it brings us closer to justice” for Taylor.

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