Masika Kalysha Speaks On Derrick Jaxn Scenario, Says She Will ‘Swallow A Jean Jacket’ Earlier than Holding ‘Musty’ Hand Of Her Dishonest Husband

Masika Kalysha gives her two cents for Derrick Jaxn, who cheats on his wife after watching a viral video of him getting clean with his wife.

Angry! Derrick Jaxn’s fallout continues and EVERYONE seems to be saying something about the fall of the self-proclaimed relationship expert from grace.

For the past two days, our social media feeds have been flooded with comments, memes, and jokes after Derrick Jaxn admitted his cheating methods.

In a video that sparked memes and comments denouncing the once-beloved social media relationship guru, he left his wife, Da’Naia Jackson.

Even Derrick admitted that his behavior was hypocritical after calling other men about their infidelity.

Masika Kalysha is just one of many who had something to say about the situation after seeing Da’Naia Jackson sit awkwardly next to her husband as he told his “truth”.

Many of the jokes surrounding the situation were about her looking like she was being held captive. Da’Naia wasn’t particularly kind to the laugh she got at her expense, and she decided to purify the air herself.

But that clearly wasn’t enough to impress Masika, who went on Twitter to voice her opinion on the whole matter, and people couldn’t get enough of Sika’s brutal reading of the situation.

“I’ll swallow dry a denim jacket and count grains of rice on all of the sushi @Katana before holding my cheating husband’s busty hand in a hat net that looks humble while admitting he smashed a crunchy creme box full of B ** * it in the bed in which we conceived our children, “tweeted Masika.

We will keep you informed when Da’Naia or Derrick Jaxn reply to Masika, but I imagine they have bigger concerns.

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