Mindy Kaling Is Blooming In Embroidered Shirt — See The Look

Mindy Kaling may be an award-winning writer and actress, but she’s also one of Hollywood’s top fashionistas! Mindy knows how to put an outfit together and she loves making accessories! It’s always a pleasure to see which outfit she has put together and she often shares her finished looks with her 5.6 million Instagram followers. Mindy has an incredible sense of humor and often shares a comedic caption with her photos, but don’t let that fool you. Mindy isn’t kidding when it comes to her looks! She is one of the stylish celebrities out there.

In the photo you can see below, Mindy Kaling was wearing the Fernanda Junto Turquesa Brillante and Marino (Fernanda blouse) from the Mexican label Mi Golondrina. If you thought the blouse was going to look like traditional Mexican harness you would be correct. Mi Golondrina wants to share the beauty of Mexican clothing with the world and Mindy did not disappoint with her outfit. The blouse is $ 265 and she paired it with a gorgeous pink skirt.

As an accessory, Mindy chose a dark blue shade. She wore the Hoop La La earrings in the color Electric by Rebecca de Ravenel. For shoes, she decided on Jimmy Choos in a matching color. The shoes are called Anouk Suede Pumps and go perfectly with Mindy’s earrings and handbags.

For her handbag, Mindy turned to one of her favorite designers – Tory Burch – and carried the Robinson woven leather bag with a small handle.

In a humorous way, Mindy shared a remark her daughter made to her when she saw the look. You may see this caption along with the photo Mindy Kaling posted on Instagram below.

My daughter told me I look like a piñata and I take that as my highest compliment.

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