Movie star Hairstylist Jonathan Wright Returns To Social Media Following Latest Arrest

Jonathan Wright

Roommates, many were shocked when news broke that popular celebrity hairdresser Jonathan Wright was arrested earlier this month. As the details of his legal troubles continued to develop, his fans wondered when he would be back – and they didn’t get their answer until he was courtesy of his first social media post after its release.

Hairdresser Jonathan Wright officially returned to social media and kept it simple with a short and sweet message that read, “You’re in trouble.” While no one really knows what his post actually means, the speculation and rumors are already rife.

As we previously reported, Jonathan was stopped by the Dallas Police Department for a traffic violation and arrested on a pending warrant from November 2020. Legal documents received from The Shade Room include details of his being charged with crime theft for not returning a rental vehicle from Mile Highly Exotic Engines in Houston, Texas.

According to court records, Jonathan took his leased Rolls Royce to the dealer for scheduled maintenance and was given a Maserati on loan while his car was being serviced. On his return to pick up his car, the manager informed him that he was in arrears with his car payments and that he would have to pay what he owed before his car was released to him.

Jonathan was also described as “angry and disruptive” before taking back the keys to the rental car and leaving the dealership. It was also revealed that a letter was sent to Jonathan Wright demanding the return of the car before the official charges were brought – but he apparently did not.

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