New Jersey Governor Had A Savage Response For Residents Complaining About Carrying Face Masks (Video)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy doesn’t play games when it comes to the Rona.

It’s no secret that coronavirus cases are spiking in many U.S. cities. Some areas, such as Chicago, have even placed new home stay assignments in the coming months before the holiday gatherings.

New Jersey state is no exception, and Murphy had to brief its coronavirus-fatigued residents at a recent press conference to just hold on.

While Murphy urged residents to adhere to coronavirus guidelines, he rattled off a series of numbers that showed residents how the virus is spreading in the state before a reporter asked what he would say to those suffering from this Covid-19 Dead tired of logs. NBC News reports.

“You know, what is your message to the people who seem tired of wearing the mask over their nose and mouth. They find it uncomfortable and annoying and it’s just too much for them, they just don’t do it, ”the reporter asked Murphy.

“Do you know what is really uncomfortable and annoying? When you die. That’s my answer, ”replied the angry governor. “It’s not forever. We’re in the sprint right now and are just asking people to back off. “

Of the coronavirus tests done in New Jersey last weekend, 12.02 percent were positive, and there were 1,827 Covid-19 hospitalizations in Garden State on Wednesday – the most since June 4. according to state data. And of those hospitalized, 360 are currently in intensive care and 117 are on a ventilator.

Murphy knew people want to celebrate Thanksgiving with loved ones and stressed that the pandemic wouldn’t last forever.

“But we are in a crisis right now. We are still at war, and in fact we are far more at war than a month or two ago. And we have to ask you, please restrict Thanksgiving. Please limit all private gatherings. Please wear your face covering even if you are tired of it. Who can blame you? Me too, you have to wear them. “

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