North Carolina Instructor Recordsdata Lawsuit Towards Netflix’s ‘Outer Banks’ – .

A North Carolina high school English and creative writing teacher has filed a lawsuit against Netflix’s Outer Banks for copyright infringement.

North Carolina teacher Kevin Wooten accuses Outer Banks creators Jonas Pate and Joshua Pate of stealing the plot of his 2016 novel Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure.

Both Pennywise and Outer Banks are located on the North Carolina Outer Shore, following a group of teenagers who are in possession of a treasure map and go in search of hidden riches. According to the lawsuit, both the novel and the series feature a wealthy villain who is also looking for the treasure.

In addition, Wooten’s lawsuit accuses the series creators of copying the setting, character, and plot of his original novel. He also claims he sold some of his copies in Wilmington, where one of the godfather brothers lives.

The North Carolina instructor is demanding legal damages, penalties, royalties and a line of credit on the series, the lawsuit said.

Netflix did not respond to the request to comment on the complaint.

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