St. Louis Girl Beats Sheriff’s Deputy with Her Personal Baton After She is Advised to Placed on a Masks

An angry St. Louis woman beat a local sheriff’s deputy this Christmas after being told to wear a mask at a Shell gas station.

The woman took the sheriff’s baton and hit her in the parking lot with it.

KSDK Video:

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KMOV reported:

The St. Louis Police are looking for a woman who beat up a St. Louis City sheriff after being asked to wear a mask for Christmas.

Just before midnight, a woman walked into the Shell gas station on the maskless North Tucker. A 59-year-old sheriff who worked as a security guard told the woman that she could not come in without a mask. Police said the woman became belligerent and started poking and beating the sheriff woman as she left the store.

During the fight, officials said the suspect grabbed the victim’s stick and hit her with it. Police said the suspect got into a red car and fled.

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