#PayUpHollywood Survey Reveal Points Exacerbated By Coronavirus – .

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic poses a major barrier to higher wages and better conditions for Hollywood assistants, a new survey by #PayUpHollywood found.

The annual poll, released Monday, shows that nearly 80% of Hollywood assistants make $ 50,000 or less and place them in the “encumbered” category in Los Angeles. Around 37% of respondents said they rely on friends or family for financial assistance to cover the cost of living.

#PayUpHollywood also found that over 50% of assistants who participated in the survey pay their own home set-up costs, and 58.67% receive no offers to compensate for additional expenses.

“We have seen reports from companies ending the Covid pandemic wage cuts for their top executives while continuing to cut working hours, transfer labor costs, and add, if not so, the workload of assistants and support staff in this industry completely dismissed. What steps do studios and companies take to offer their support staff the same protection as their top executives? “Said Liz Alper in a press release.

Co-founded by Liz Alper, the writer and producer of The Rookie, #PayUpHollywood is an advocate for better working conditions and wages for assistants across the entertainment industry.

See all the results of the latest #PayUpHollywood survey below.

There are amazing executives who have taken to the mat for their support reps, even when the studios and corporations refuse to give an inch. We share this data to combine with the anecdotal evidence of wage stagnation or workplace intimidation and to help others in the struggle. (10 /?)

– Liz Hsiao Lan Alper (@LizAlps) February 1, 2021

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