Porsha Williams Celebrates Her Child Daddy – Examine Out Her Pics And Clips

Porsha Williams celebrates her baby daddy Dennis McKinley. Check out her post on social media below.

‘Happy Father’s Day to @workwincelebrate! Your relationship with Pooh Bear is so nice! Pilar is a real daddy girl and I love it! #Familyforever ♥ ️🙏🏾 * The phone after the late post was damaged by water, ”Porsha captioned her post.

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Someone said, “I like the way Porsha and Dennis are co-parents. 👏 ‘and another follower posted this:’ Wasn’t originally a fan of Dennis … but I really hate that they didn’t make it. I still hope for a reconciliation down the line. ‘

A fan posted this message: ‘Please come back together Lawd’ and one commenter said, ‘The phone wasn’t water damaged when you posted Peter! Aht Aht Porsha! 😂 ‘

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One fan posted this: ‘You don’t have to explain anything to the public … as long as Dennis knows ….. ❤️’ and someone else said, ‘Damn, I miss that! I’ve really been looking for you guys. Still, he’s a great father. ‘

One fan said, “We need you and Dennis back together! We cheer for you all! 💪🏾😂 ‘and someone else posted this:’ Damn it, I was hoping you would stay together 🤦🏽‍♀️ I ❤️ you together! ‘

Porsha Williams has the best time of her life with her new boyfriend. Check out the post she shared on her social media account.

“She looks like she doesn’t want him to touch her,” someone said and another follower posted this: “Porsha looks different than me these days, especially on the face.”

Porscha tells her full story in a book and you can check it out here. Check out her post on her social media account below and see why her fans are amazed these days after seeing her message.

“You may know my story, but you don’t know my WHOLE story. Spotlights leave some things in the shade. Soundbites, headlines and rumors only share what sells. But there is so much more. And I can finally share it with you IN MY BOOK, ”Porsha wrote.

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