Porsha Williams Shares The Sweetest Photograph That includes PJ And Her Dad

Porsha Williams shared a photo on her social media account of her daughter PJ with her father, Dennis McKinley.

“That’s wonderful, Dad is the first man to give her flowers. ❤️ ‘Porsha gave her post a title … and one follower said,’ Porsha, I’m here for you and Dennis. Give it a chance. He wants his family. ‘

Someone else posted this, “I think all men do that to their daughters … a great dad” and someone else said, “No matter what happens to you and Dennis, but he’s their dad.”

One follower said, “She’s just too damn cute.” I love the way you dress PJ. Best dressed in the ATL ‘and one fan wrote:’ It’s really great to see her father giving her the first flowers! This will set the standard for what a great gentleman must be looking for. “

Someone else said, ‘Such a great dad @ porsha4real give Pilar the chance to experience a home where both parents live! My mom did and I commended her for staying there. That made me a stronger individual !! 🙌🙌🙌 ‘

One follower said, “Keep their relationship strong, that’s nice” and one follower wrote: “
Yes, girls love their dad’s more than anything. My children had a two-parent house, I’m grateful. But it’s like kicking the gonads when a girl jumps over her mother’s head to get to HER DAD. I once told my daughter = “I, I, I iiiiiiiii, was the one who did ALMOST EVERYTHING for you, I ran everything around, got no sleep, took you here and there, not your daddy. “MY daughter = 😔” Where is MY father? Oh, a picture of her and her father is her screen saver. I = 😢 ‘


Porsha Williams impressed fans with a message she recently shared on her social media account. You can check out below and see the advice she has for fans.

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