President Joe Biden Began His First Full Day In Workplace With An Interfaith, Digital Prayer Service — Watch It Now

President Joe Biden began his first full day in office with a virtual one prayer Service. He made history as the oldest incumbent and is the second Catholic to become president. The first was John F. Kennedy. Joe BidenFaith is very important to him and he repeatedly refers to prayer, faith and worship. He held a memorial service for those who died from the COVID-19 pandemic and upon his inauguration asked the nation to bow their heads and hold a moment of silence for the deceased. He attends mass every Sunday and often goes to church in some form in addition to his weekly mass visit. It was no surprise that he began his administration with a virtual prayer service that the world could attend.

Fellowship religious leaders from various faiths including Joe Biden’s own Catholic religion, Protestants, Baptist ministers, Jewish rabbis, Muslim clergy, gospel singers, ministers in the LGBTQ communities, Presbyterians, Hare Krishna leaders, Sikh leaders, and more gathered virtually all for President Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and pray for the whole nation.

You can see the full virtual prayer service broadcast live on the video player below on Thursday January 21, 2021.

Many critics of Joe Biden and those who believe in conspiracy theories have made many comments and remarks on social media platforms accusing the president of being against religious freedom. There is a difference between the interpretation of the First Amendment and freedom of religion to mean no religion or the protection of all religions.

It is always dangerous to have a presidential administration that favors one religion and excludes or demonizes all others.

President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama have led the way in including all faiths as many believe this is protected and provided for by the Constitution.

President Joe Biden has made it clear that he will use his administration to combat racism and prejudice in all communities, including beliefs and religious beliefs.


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