Top Activities For A Post-COVID Orlando Vacation in 2021

If you are planning a vacation to Orlando, you have probably been thinking about what sorts of Orlando activities you might like to do. There are an innumerable number of things to do in Orlando and this article aims to provide you with some suggestions for good fun. Amongst the most popular Orlando activities are the theme parks, which offer some of the best rides in the world. Orlando, a huge city in central Florida, has more than a dozen theme Parks to cater to its varied guested. Chief amongst its attractions is Walt Disney World, which consists of three theme Parks namely, the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and the Downtown Disney Complex. We were fortunate to be able to travel to Orlando before COVID in 2020 and the only disaster we faced while vacationing was a roof leak that Roofers Orlando were able to quickly resolve.

A visit to Orlando would not be complete without a taste of the water (as long as it isn’t coming from a leaking roof). The water park of Orlando is called Sea World. Sea World offers a whole range of fun water activities such as jet skiing and surfing, swimming, water ballooning and dolphin watching. A little further east is the Wet and Wild Water Park. This water park also offers several other water-based activities such as riding on a wave board, jet skiing, rafting, fishing and bowling.

A trip to Universal Studios would not be complete without a look at one of the most popular theme park attractions of all time, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Located to the south of Orlando, the Potter theme park offers thrills and chills along with all the fantastic attractions that come with it. Here, you can also try the various games and rides including the Escape from Gringotts, The Forest of Secrets and The Escape from Hogwarts.

A visit to the Universal Studios theme park also promises to give you a great holiday experience. You can go for the exciting rides such as the Fantastic Four: Rise of Galadria, The Great Movie and the Monster Machines. For more thrill and excitement, you can also go for the amazingly thrilling roller coasters such as The Simpsons Ride and Kilimanjaro Mountain coaster. For something completely different, you can go for one of the many thrilling water parks in Orlando such as Wet and Wild Waterpark and Dreamworld. There is never a dull moment in this theme park.

The Animal Kingdom is another of the best theme park attractions of Orlando. This park offers an amazing collection of rides and attractions that allow the tourists to interact with some of the animal species of this world. Some of the popular animals include the giraffe, sting ray and leopard. Other animals include the eagles, sharks and the hawks.

If you are looking for Orlando activities that will give you a real blast, then you should go for theme park vacation packages. This is because they offer great deals for the entire family. For instance, the cheapest Orlando activities you can go for are the ones that only last for a day or two. For example, the Grinch’s Grinch roller coaster can be fun and entertaining all by itself. However, if you want something more lasting and more challenging, you should go for the SeaWorld Water Park and Universal Studios Orlando.

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