Pringles Responds To John Oliver’s Odd Request To Unveil Full Physique – .

John Oliver finally got the answer to a question that pounded his mind last month. Before taking a break last week tonight, Olivers asked what the iconic Pringles mascot’s body looks like.

“Do I have to know? No, I do not. I want Yeah, very bad, so much so that I’m willing to give Feeding America a thousand dollars if Pringles answers my question, ”Oliver said in a video posted on Sunday.

With luck, Oliver caught the attention of Pringles’ official Twitter account, which posted a video of the expected response. When Pringles tweeted the video, they also put their money where their mouth is … er mustache, matching Oliver’s Feeding America donation, a dollar for “every second John has on Mr. P’s body.”

The video, tweeted on Tuesday, shows the Chip mascot, Julius Pringles, welcoming followers to his luxury home decorated for the holidays. In front of a Christmas tree, Mr. P shows his whole body, which has nothing to do with the strange drawings that Oliver’s fans have submitted.

See the video below.

The moment @IamJohnOliver and @LastWeekTonight have been waiting for. In honor of every second John thought of Mr. P’s body, we’re donating $ 1 to @feedingamerica, which happens to be $ 10,000.

– Pringles (@Pringles) December 8, 2020

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