Producer Of ‘The Superb Race’, ‘Paradise Resort’ & ‘Coupled’ – .

Larry Barron, a veteran producer and scriptless executive, passed away suddenly on December 24th. It was believed he was 55 years old.

Barron co-designed and produced the 2016 Fox reality series Coupled with Mark Burnett, Ben Newmark and Dan Newmark. Together with Bill Diggins and Rozonda ‘Chilli’ Thomas, he created and produced the 2010 VH1 series What Cilli Wants with Thomas. He also co-designed / produced the GSN shows Idiotest and Emogenius. What Chilli wants comes from Barron’s four years as SVP at FremanteMedia.

From 2002 to 2003, Barron was a producer on CBS ‘The Amazing Race, co-executive producer at Fox’s Paradise Hotel and a consultant for UPN’s America’s Top Model. He then joined the management team as VP for alternative programs for UPN, overseeing the development and daily production of reality series for the network.

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“Every time I have worked with Larry, he brought a valuable perspective and attention to detail, which is an important quality for me as a program manager,” said Ghen Maynard, former SVP for developing alternative series and creative strategies at CBS. who also oversaw UPN’s non-written programming, said at the time of Barron’s appointment in 2003.

Early in his career, Barron was a producer on CBS ‘AFP: American’s Fighter Pilot for Ridley and Tony Scott and on the US Combat Missions for Mark Burnett.

In addition to building his own career, Barron has been a mentor to many in the industry including Lindsay Goffman, Justin Lacob, Amy Takahara, Jen Erwin, Leela Pon, and Malene Sam.

Veteran reality producer Anthony Dominici, currently executive producer / showrunner of Fox’s breakout reality hit LEGO Masters, paid tribute to Barron in an Instagram post on Friday.

“I first met Larry Barron at Amazing Race – I was his ‘boss’. When I switched to Top Model, he soon became my network manager – my boss in capital B, and a good one, ”wrote Dominici. “For many years, Larry and I stayed friends through many TV ups and downs. We’ve developed numerous projects and spent hours working on the perfect pitch deck language … Larry was a passionate motivator, solid partner, and great friend. Always with a friendly word of support. “

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