Rasheeda Frost Catches Up With Jon Ossoff In An Fascinating Dialog – Test It Out Right here

Rasheeda Frost I just had an interesting conversation with John Ossoff who is loved by many of her fans and more. Porsha Williams has also promoted him on social media, for which she has received support from many of her own fans and followers.

Now Rasheeda shared a video with him and the conversation they had before the vote seemed to impress many fans.

Check out the video she shared on her social media account below and see what they had to say and the reactions the fans had.

‘Keeping up with @jonossoff 1/05/21 is the big day we’re changing. I spoke to @JonOssoff about how Georgia voters can flip the Senate. The power of YOUR voice and your voice is so important that you can hear it on January 5th in the Georgia runoff election for @RaphaelWarnock & @JonOssoff: iwillvote.com, “wrote Rasheeda.

One commenter dropped this message: “All of these celebrities who have benefited from all their successful business are telling people to get out there and vote for full socialism … don’t do no to me!”

Someone else said, ‘Get out of the ATLANTA vote. We have the power to change something. All of our voices are like our beautiful voice like Rasheed. Vote, our voices are powerful. ‘

Another commenter said, ‘Ask them if you will talk to them again about what he’s going to do here specifically for us NativeBlack people ????? Does he support reparations? Does he help bring us into our own protected class? For more information, please visit www.powernomics.com with DrClaudAnderson. ‘

Georgia has an important day today, and many of your favorite stars have addressed it as well.


In other recent news, Rasheeda also made sure to reveal some of their plans for 2021.

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