Trump Urges Georgia Backers to Vote in Runoffs

President Trump posted a pair of tweets every 12 minutes Tuesday morning detailing his presidency and initial approach to the Georgia Senate runoff.

On the first, at 9:50 am, President Kelly Loeffler praised a vulnerable Republican who initially refused to support Trump’s unsubstantiated parliamentary election challenge because she had agreed to “fight Biden’s ridiculous electoral college certification “.

Then, at 10:02 a.m., he gave his most enthusiastic endorsement to Ms. Loeffler and the other Republican on the ballot, David Perdue, after a week of suggesting that his supporters might not vote in the runoff because of the election Was “invalid”. ”

“Georgia, out and VOTE for two great senators,” he wrote. “So important to do that!”

That was the kind of statement the two campaigns wanted two weeks ago. Instead, party officials believed Trump’s relentless allegations of electoral fraud had suppressed early voting in some Republican areas of the state.

Ms. Loeffler initially evaded questions as to whether or not she would support a challenge from the House of Representatives and the Senate for the certification of Mr. Biden’s victory by the electoral college. But on Monday night – just before Mr Trump appeared at a joint rally for both candidates in Georgia – she made a statement saying she would “support the objection to the electoral college’s certification process.”

Mr Perdue’s objection is procedurally irrelevant – his term of office expired at the weekend – but Mrs Loeffler will remain in office until the winner of her race is announced and she is eligible to vote.

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