Reginae Carter Needs A Glad Birthday To Robert Speeding, And All Followers See Is Her Daring Look In The Household Picture

Regina Carter shared a photo with Robert Rushing on their social media account and made sure to post a message on his birthday too. Check out her post below.

‘Happy Birthday @mrrushlife! Love you so much! I want to thank you for loving and protecting our family! I feel better at night knowing my mom is in the arms of a real man! You spread your love in many ways so I hope that today you feel all the love that you give in ANY WAY. Happy Birthday have fun. Nae has given her post a title.

One follower said: ‘Love that !!! Happy birthday red !!!! 🍾 ‘and someone else posted this:’ All of you guys say she’s a real man, which makes it seem that her father isn’t. Her father is a real man who loves her mother as best friend, sometimes parents are supposed to be best friends rather than lovers, she said he is a real man for her, love is real I’m pretty sure that didn’t mean Nae has that her father is not a real man that you need to grow up

Someone else said, “Where are your clothes? Cover your tits, baby, you stand next to your stepdad, not your cut buddy! ‘

One follower said, “You’re into these celebrity comments, begging like a cup when you get stuck !!”

Someone else posted: “You are really under your post begging for money. Go to the Lord and wait for your prayers to be answered because it is not.”

One commenter said, “Your dress doesn’t fit those picture boobs that are about to pop out.”

Toya had previously shared the same photo on her own social media account, complimenting Robert on his birthday.

Toya Johnson celebrated Robert Rushing‘s birthday. She has shared all kinds of posts for him on social media and the latest one is with his girls.

Somebody criticizes Regina Carter for the inappropriate outfit.


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