Rep. Stefanik Brings NY Paper to Heel Over ‘Sexist’ Smear In opposition to Her Household

A New York publication hit new lows in recent days with its political commentary and ridiculed a Republican congressman for lack of children. Though this one congresswoman doesn’t lay down these insults.

On January 19, Congressman Elise Stefanik (R-NY) and her husband Mike Manda hit the Albany-based Times Union for the gross, sexist smear test on the young conservative couple. The newspaper published a fictitious statement from the perspective of Stefanik on January 16, which made fun of her political convictions and her personal life.

Peter Marino and Lâle Davidson, the authors of the disgusting satire, wrote about a fictional address Stefanik gave to a group of first graders. The attacks began early on when lawmakers told the children, “I’m just an ordinary American like you, with a humble private high school upbringing and then Harvard. And I appreciate that your parents put up my lawn signs even though they had to pay for them. ”

Of course, the hits always came. The newspaper mocked her political career, writing: “She knew that the people she oppressed – represented – needed jobs and safe schools, health care and healthy environments. So she spent her time fighting for gun rights and the Keystone pipeline, as well as abortion rights and Obamacare. “They even saved some poison for President Trump, whom they called” the Maga Man “and who they described as” sprinkled with magical Cheeto dust or possibly Agent Orange. ”

The authors also slammed Stefanik for helping Trump’s allegations that the election had been rigged, accusing her of fighting for the weapons that were present in the Capitol uprising that followed. (All five.) “Then the Maga man urged his freedom-loving followers to fight for him and they came to the Capitol with Viking horns and all the weapons Elise had fought so hard for them.”

Of course, this was typical partisan malice. Where the Times Union really went too far, it attacked Stefanik’s personal life and family or was absent. The fictional version of the legislature told the children, “I am childless myself because I am a rising star in the Republican Party, and family planning is possible through contraception, which is paid for by my excellent taxpayer-provided health plan.”

In an official statement, Stefanik and her husband popped the paper for this heinous treatment, claiming: “As a young couple we have developed thick skin over many years as we have got used to repeated sexist compromises in media coverage. However, the Times Union’s decision to publish an article that ridiculed us as “childless” is a new low. The couple added that the smear was “really horrific,” “wildly inappropriate,” and further described the attack as “inherently sexist but also hateful, abusive and heartless”.

“Like millions of families, we hope and pray that we will be blessed when we become parents,” they concluded. We wish you all the best.

The Congresswoman made it clear that she and her husband called for “a full withdrawal” and “an immediate public apology and explanation of how this could be published in the Times Union and who will be responsible and accountable for it”.

The piece has since been deleted from the Times Union website. However, some form of the play is still on Lâle Davidson’s personal blog, although the “childless” pile appears to have been removed. Sounds like even Davidson knows it was a low class.

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