Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Runway Present Was A Blast – See Movies Right here

Rihanna managed to impress her fans again with a Savage X Fenty runway show that blew everyone away. Further details and videos can be found below.

The Shade Room notes, “As expected, Ri Ri delivered only the best and put together a show that celebrated women, diversity, sexuality and the love of the skin you are in.”

TSR went on to say, “Lizzo, Willow Smith, Miguel, Paris Hilton and others were just a few of the many celebrities who helped Rihanna showcase her latest designs.”

Someone commented, “Willow and Lizzo ate and didn’t leave crumbs.”

Another supporter said, “That’s right, all bodies, all shapes and sizes, all colors, everything that’s supposed to be now. That’s why she’s successful and Victoria’s Secret closes the store every day.”

Another commenter pointed this out: “Fenty threw Victoria’s Secret out of the equation!”

Someone else said, “Willow looks different, I can’t describe it. 😍 ‘

Another follower wrote, “No matter how much you talk about Lizzo, she loves herself and is comfortable in her own body, that’s all that matters.”

One fan wrote: “Rihanna just go ahead and go with Victoria’s Secret and kill the game!” and another follower said, ‘I love that Lizzo is the big girls !!!!! All big girls need their confidence !!! ‘

Someone else said, “She has all shapes and sizes in it, how can you not love Riri?”

Rihanna has once again proven that you are her target audience, Savage x Fenty.


Take a minute and think about how much time, energy and money has been wasted in the long history of fashion researching a market, developing products for that market and reaching a target audience – on the other hand, anyone could have done something Rihanna does it from the start!

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