Riley Keough Opens Up About ‘Painful’ First Christmas With out Her Brother Benjamin!

Christmas will never be the same again Riley Keough after the death of her brother Benjamin! The 31-year-old went to her platform to find out about the pain she is sure to feel when she celebrates the holidays without her sibling by her side.

She also took this opportunity to convey her warm thoughts to those in a similar situation to her.

Riley posted a picture of the two of them and in the headline she wrote, “It’s going to be my first Christmas without my best friend and little brother. Words cannot describe how painful it is. I think of everyone who has lost someone they love and everyone else whose first vacation is with sadness and without a person they love. ‘

She has also made sure that all those people who are no longer on this earth are shown the same love.

More precisely, she wrote that she thought of all the beautiful people who cannot be here with us in physical form, and sent them all my love, wherever they may be, not too far away. ❤️ ‘

As you may know Benjamin KeoughLisa Marie Presley’s son and Elvis Presley’s grandson died in July this summer.

It was later determined that his cause of death was suicide. He was only 27 years old.

This isn’t the first time the actress has honored her brother on social media.

She has been doing this for the past few months.

For example, she paid tribute to Benjamin on his 28th birthday in October.

She shared several snapshots of the two and wrote next to them: “Happy birthday, beautiful angel”.


Not only that, but the loving sister even got a new tattoo on her collarbone in his honor.

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