Roland Martin Tells Ice Dice He Acquired “Performed” By The Trump Administration’s Promise Of A Platinum Plan

Roland Martin

Roommate, although Ice Cube seems to be over the widespread criticism he received after meeting the Trump administration about the proposed platinum plan, Roland Martin persisted in calling him. Roland let Ice Cube know through social media that he was completely “played” by Trump and that the platinum plan is not what he believes.

Ice Cube is apparently still in his feelings about the massive backlash he received after joining Donald Trump’s re-election campaign. In a post on his Twitter account, Ice Cube hit his critics with a tweet that prompted Roland Martin to call him publicly.

Ice Cube tweeted:

“Let me get this straight, I’m getting the President of the United States to agree to pour more than half a trillion dollars of capital into the Black Community (without approval) and N ***, how are you mad at me? … Have.” You have a nice life. “

The tweet prompted Roland Martin to hit him with the truth and explain to Ice Cube that he was effectively “played” by Trump for believing in the so-called platinum plan.

Roland tweeted:

“The only problem with @icecube is that you didn’t get Trump to pour $ 500 billion in capital into black communities. It’s a lie. It’s ONE LINE on the cover of his so-called Platinum Plan. Not specified. NOTHING. Bruh, you were played. Why do I know you played @icecube? I’ve spoken to numerous black Republicans currently working with the government and THEY said the $ 500 billion pledge was a joke. You’re just wrong, boo. “

On top of the irony, the Ice Cube tweet was released when the poll revealed that Joe Biden was on the verge of winning the presidential election, which would render Trump’s plans completely useless and invalid.

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