Safaree & Erica Mena Are All Boo’d Up For Her Birthday Journey Following Rumors Of A Divorce

Roommate, earlier this week Safaree and Erica Mena had fans on high alert when it emerged that paradise was facing serious problems and their relationship may have ended. Fast forward a few days later and Safaree and Erica are clearly in a much better place thanks to a series of videos documenting Erica’s current birthday trip.

Safaree picked up his Instagram stories and posted a series of videos of himself and Erica Mena as they went to Mexico on her birthday trip. Accompanied by some of their girls, Safaree and Erica Mena were all in love and had no sign of the public problems they had raised about their relationship earlier this week.

As we have already reported, Safaree has a photo of himself on his Instagram page with the title “BACHELOR !! Right at the end of 2020 !! ”He also marked the photo with“ divorce court ”. That wasn’t all, however, as he added even more evidence that there are definitely problems with a number of tweets in paradise.

He wrote:

“Biggest Regrets. Pathetic. I think the block feature on the iPhone is the best feature. It brings such peace and serenity. Great way to keep Jack A ** it off. Thank you Steve Jobs !!”

Meanwhile, Erica Mena has also posted a message subliminally responding to her relationship problems. She wrote on Twitter: “Not a high-spirited hit, not too many like me. No man could ever stop me !!!!!!!! ”

Welp, it looks like everything you’ve been through is over now.

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