Saweetie Exhibits Off Her Birkin Bag Assortment In New Hilarious Skit

Now we all know that Hermès’ Birkin bags have always been a big fashion statement. However, the handbags seem to be in demand today more than ever. With so many people showing off their Birkin bags, Saweetie has showcased her collection on Instagram in a new and fun way.

On Friday, Saweetie took to Instagram to post a new sketch with her and her Birkin bags. In the sketch, she gave the impression that her bags had their own personality, and everyone argued over which bag she liked best.

In the end, Saweetie appears in the video surrounded by the bags and says, “Now you all know Mom doesn’t have any favorites.”

But that wasn’t all. Saweetie also announced that she has opened an entire Instagram account for her Birkin bag collection.

The first post on the side of the bags was a photo of her jewelry wrapped around the bag handles (as if the bags were wearing their chains), and the photo was titled, “Relax in Mommy’s New Home While She’s on # PBM is working and no we I’m not telling you hoes nun! “

If you remember, Saweeties Boo Quavo gave her not one, but TWO of the bags that are now part of their collection. She showed the bags during their birthday party and got excited after his surprise.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @ Jade_Ashley94

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