Saweetie Is Again At It With Extra Fascinating Meals Concoctions—This Time It’s All About Spaghetti & Ranch Dressing!

Roommate While Saweetie is known for her music, fashion, and sense of humor, she is also known for her very interesting taste in food – as she regularly shares her unconventional food preferences with fans. In a recent video, Saweetie gave her fans a look at what she likes to put on her spaghetti … and it’s not just sauce.

Saweetie brought up social media after she recently shared a video on Instagram of putting a very generous amount of ranch dressing on her spaghetti – which sparked an instant debate about whether ranch and spaghetti are a regular food preference.

In response to the online turmoil, Saweetie commented on Twitter, writing:

“Wtf did you grow up ??? You must have had a boring childhood. “

As we reported last month, she shared her own preparation of a raw oyster with ramen noodle chicken spices sprinkled on top. At the time she said, “I don’t know why I just walk around my house and then boom! I have an idea and I think, “I have to put this on an oyster or I have to do this preparation.” So this is the invention I’m going to make today. “

She added, “I like to have dreams about recipes and when I make them they taste good. I’m just really a foodie. Don’t care about me “

As self-proclaimed foodies, we have to ask ourselves whether a food endorsement or culinary line of products is in Saweetie’s future.

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