Secret Service Plans To Enhance Safety Round Joe Biden In Anticipation Of His Presidential Win

Joe Biden

Roommates, as the country continues to wait for Joe Biden to be declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, additional measures are now being taken to ensure his safety. The Secret Service is reportedly increasing security around Joe Biden over those upset over his likely victory.

The Secret Service reportedly called a group of agents to expand the protective bubble around Joe Biden after his campaign told the agency that the Democratic candidate would be using a convention center in Wilmington, Delaware for at least one more day.

As you may have seen, angry Trump supporters have stormed streets across the country in hostile protests against Joe Biden’s growing lead in his search for the next president.

Dozens of agents have secured Biden’s campaign at the Chase Center at the Riverfront Convention Center in Wilmington, Delaware as major battlefield states work their way through the number of millions of ballots cast in this week’s election.

The extra security for Biden, slated to begin Nov. 6, doesn’t give him the full protection detail that accompanies an elected president, but it’s moving closer in that direction. It remains unclear when the secret service would offer Biden this level of security if he won.

The agency typically increases protection for an elected president immediately after that person is declared the winner by assigning a new set of agents to the new president. Historically, this increase in protection occurred late on election night after one candidate conceded and the other delivered a victory speech.

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