Sharon Osbourne Exits The Discuss After Allegations Of Misconduct & Racist Remarks – .

Sharon Osbourne’s distinctive voice will no longer be heard on The Talk.

Amid controversy and allegations of wrongdoing and allegations of offensive language by Osbourne on the show co-hosted past and present, the sharp-tongued former American Got Talent judge walks off the CBS day timer.

After CBS completed an investigation into the heated discussion of the March 10 race on The Talk that sparked the controversy, CBS just issued a statement that Osbourne had made the decision to leave the show. The network also said The Talk, which was interrupted on March 12, immediately after Osbourne’s on-air outbreak, will be back on April 12:

The events of the March 10th broadcast were annoying for everyone involved, including the audience watching at home. As part of our review, we concluded that Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode was inconsistent with our values ​​for a respectful workplace. We also found no evidence that CBS managers orchestrated the discussion or blinded any of the hosts.

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At the same time, we acknowledge that the network and studio teams as well as the showrunners are responsible for what happened during this show, as it was clear that the co-hosts were not properly prepared by the staff for a complex and sensitive discussion that was about races.

During this week’s break, we coordinate workshops, listening sessions and training on equity, inclusion and cultural awareness for the hosts, producers and the crew. Going forward, we will identify plans to improve production staff and processes to better serve the hosts, production and ultimately our viewers.

After eleven seasons, Osbourne was the last original talk co-host to remain on the series. The talk premiered in 2010 with famous rock manager Leah Remini, Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Marissa Jaret Winokur and Holly Robinson Peete.

Osbourne’s expected exit follows the March 10 riot with Sheryl Underwood over public support for old pal Piers Morgan. Both the British, Osbourne and the former Celebrity Apprentice winner, Morgan, appeared together as AGT judges at the start of the competition show created by Simon Cowell.

Former Good Morning Britain co-host Morgan clearly appeared to be some sort of current arsonist and, a few days before the showdown, vehemently exclaimed on British television that he was listening to Meghan Markle’s comments to Oprah in her blockbuster interview, the first aired not believed CBS on March 7th.

The Suits Alaun and the Duchess of Sussex remembered the beginnings of her and Prince Harry’s departure from royal life and in conversation told the Queen that members of the royal family and household had made racist remarks and disregarded their mental health problems. On The Talk, Underwood said to Osbourne, “As you stand by your friend, it seems like you are confirming or offering a safe haven to something he has labeled as racist.” The remarks sparked an explosive reaction from Osbourne, both in front of and later behind the camera.

When the CAA repeated Osbourne in disbelief, both tweeted some sort of apology, complaining that it had been blinded in an exchange between producers and CBS managers, the explosive radius of the situation grew. In a story published on March 16, Osbourne allegedly used racist epithets and sexual insults against former co-hosts and talk-EPs Chen and Gilbert, respectively. Former talk co-host Remini claimed in an interview with journalist Yashar Ali that Osbourne had come to terms with the incriminated insults on her back in 2010 in relation to the Asian-American Chen and the openly gay Gilbert.

Later, on March 16, CBS extended The Talk’s sudden hiatus until March 22, when an internal investigation announced on March 12 further investigated what had happened over the past few days and years. “Sharon is disappointed but unfazed and hardly surprised by the lies, the rewrite of the story and the bitterness that is emerging at this moment,” Osbourne’s publicist said in a statement the same day. Sources close to the day timer report to . that the subsequent media blitz Osbourne continued, including an interview with Entertainment Tonight who really “burned a lot of bridges.”

While lawyer Osbourne and The Talk talks continued, CBS put the show on an even longer hiatus on March 19 for at least one more week, with March 29 or 30.

It is now the middle of next month after the already planned break for the week of April 5th.

To make the fire even more flaming, Peete took Osbourne to court on March 12 for allegedly calling her “too ghetto” for the show and working to punish her in 2011. Personal correspondence with the ex-21 jump In response, Osbourne claimed she had no power to fire anyone from The Talk and she never used terms like “too ghetto” in relation to Peete. That latter explanation was weakened when a season 1 clip of The Talk from Osbourne surfaced using the exact same term in relation to Remini on the air.

Sharon Osbourne, who oversaw the solo career of her husband Ozzy Osbourne for decades, as well as managing greats like the legendary Motörhead, became famous for herself with the debut of the reality series The Osbournes on MTV in 2002, on her own short-lived syndicated talk show in 2003 and as a judge on British The X Factor and as a candidate for the Donald Trump-hosted Celebrity Apprentice on NBC in 2010.

In this context, as they say on The Talk, “let’s talk soon.”

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