Simone Biles Reveals The Women How To Deal with Their Man After She Offers Her Boyfriend Jonathan Owens A New PS5

Roommate, the holiday season is just around the corner and that means it’s time to give gifts to your loved ones. However, thanks to Simone Biles, we may all need a lesson on how to do this. When Simone Biles posted on social media, she recently announced that she gave her boyfriend, Jonathan Owens, the gift all the boys want this year … a PS5!

Ever since it dropped, it seems all men have been interested in getting their hands on the hugely popular (and expensive) PS5 game console lately. Now that Simone Biles loves her NFL player Jonathan Owens, she’s decided to give him one of his own in time for Christmas!

When Simone posted her Instagram stories, she shared a photo of a smiling Jonathan stroking the PS5.

During the Thanksgiving holiday, Simone, 23 and Jonathan, 25, got booed together as they had been virtually inseparable since their relationship went public in August.

Since then, the two have jumped into the #CoupleGoals category thanks to their incredibly cute social media photos. In March, Simone officially ended her relationship with Stacey Ervin Jr. after almost three years together.

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