Smino, Kim Kardashian, And Erykah Badu Spark Dialog On

You never know what kind of jewelry these celebrities will jump out with to turn their heads! Yesterday Kim Kardashian showed off her brand new Opal Grill on Instagram and everyone was shocked! Many people felt that Kim was preparing for a “hot girl summer” with her and her estranged husband, Kanye West, amid the divorce rumors. While most of the roommates felt Kim’s grill, predicting the future was by leaving a comment that everyone would think Kim started the trend.

Well the roommate was right!

Singer Smino took the time on Twitter today to reply to someone who tweeted a picture of Kim’s grill and wrote, “Kim K just destroyed the grill game. She may have won. OPAL?!?!? ”Smino replied quickly with a heart emoji:” Cap “. Some of his fans were quick to defend him in the comments that Kim didn’t start the trend.

One commented, “I’m tired of people who act like the Kardashians are setting trends that blacks have already done.” If you’re not familiar with the St. Louis-bred singer, he shared his opal grill for the first time on the Gram last December. E.ven Nelly stepped into the shadows and commented on the discussion. He wrote: “STL Yessserr. My nephew @smino has already done that … difficult for STL to get our credit, although … !! ”

When we thought who had started the first conversation, Erykah Badu had entered the chat. One roommate commented, “Erykah Badu was the first person I ever saw with an opal grill.” Lo and behold, checking out Erykah’s Instagram, she actually posted photos with her opal grill from last July.

There has been so much conversation lately about who did something first. Roommate do you think it’s that deep?

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