Suspect Charged With Homicide In Deadly Capturing Of King Von (Replace)

Roommate, authorities have charged Timothy Leeks, 22, with the murder of King Von.

According to AJC news, Timothy is currently in police custody at Grady Hospital because he was also injured during the shooting. Investigators have reportedly issued arrest warrants against him.

“Mr. Leeks is in police custody at Grady Hospital, where he is being treated for a gunshot wound,” said Maria Jean Rooker, police spokeswoman for Atlanta. “Bennett’s murder is complete with this arrest.”

Initially, authorities reported that three people, including Von, were killed in the shooting, which has since been clarified. Investigators now say two people were killed and a third person, believed to be Timothy, is in critical condition.

However, this is not Timothy’s first violation of the law. He was arrested back in August in Savannah, Georgia, in connection with a drug investigation by the Savannah Police Department.

Timothy was arrested along with four other men on charges of attempted or conspiracy to violate the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, theft by obtaining stolen property, and disability.

As we previously reported, King Von was fatally shot in a shootout with another group of men, to which Atlanta police responded.

Police officers also started shooting during the altercation, and while Von was originally believed to have been shot by a police officer, the police confirmed with us that Von was shot dead by another young man in the shootout.

Please keep Von and loved ones in your prayers at this difficult time, Roomies.

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