T.I. Has Some Issues To Say To Sabrina Peterson – Verify Out His Messages

TI shared a few things on social media and reached out to Sabrina Peterson. Check out the posts he’s shared on social media here.

Someone said, “Eddie Griffin said it best. No black entertainer can have a great legacy without some accusation.” One commenter wrote, “Wow !!! That’s not right! This is the lives of the people they play with !!!”

Another commenter posted this: ‘Wow !!! It’s so crazy that someone would work so hard to bring someone down, ”and one follower said,“ People will believe what they want to believe – especially if the LIE is entertaining. Smh ‘

One follower said, “Maybe she told me false stories, but there is some truth somewhere. Shekinah said you had a threesome and she wants Tiny for herself …”. Maybe a love triangle went wrong. «

Another commenter said: “You wrote what you believed, now he’s written, and you also believe that‼ ️🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🙄 how about WE, THE PEOPLE, get out of it Keep other business out of business.‼ Sure, everyone needs something to do it Wait too bad or too good …

Another said, “She found 23 victims and all of them had similar stories. Oh god knows the truth. “And one commenter wrote:” Where did Hollywood unlock with it ??? Because they are the most important, who keep posting the crap and giving this Sabrina lady a platform. ‘

In other breaking news, TI felt the need to address an important topic on its social media account. Read what he had to say about Atlanta not so long ago.

Other than that Little Harris looks amazing in her latex outfit in these final pics she posted on social media. She celebrated Kirk Frost’s birthday with the whole family and shared some new pictures from the event.

Tiny and Tip live a happy life together despite haters.


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