Tamar Braxton Posts A Observe About Self-Reflection On Instagram—“I Thought It Was Everybody Else…The Downside Was Me”

Tamar Braxton

Roommate Tamar Braxton has been extremely open to her healing process and reevaluating her life after a very rocky 2020. In addition to her new podcast discussing all the ways to build yourself up and get better, she also shares her new insights on social media , and her final post might be the one fans never saw coming.

In addition to being a great singer / songwriter and Grammy-nominated artist, Tamar Braxton entertained us for several years, courtesy of her popular family reality show, Braxton Family Values. However, it was this show that ultimately took a dark turn in her life and sanity.

After the end of their marriage, their mental health breakdown that resulted in a suicide attempt and a recent abusive relationship that resulted in assault, Tamar is now in the process of rebuilding herself and her brand.

In a recent post on her Instagram Stories, she wrote a message blaming herself and not someone else for the problems in her life. Tamar wrote, “For a long time I thought it was everyone else … the problem was me. #stayunderconstruction. ”

As we previously reported, following Tamar’s recent appearance on Taraji P. Henson’s talk show, she posted a very long thank you message for talking about what led to her suicide attempt last year. “I love you, my sister,” she wrote at the time.

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