Texas Deaths Might Be Due In Half to Biden’s Rubbish Local weather Change Government Order and Associated Actions

The loss of life in Texas was due to the unusually cold weather, but it could also be due in part to an executive order Joe Biden signed on his first day in office a month ago today.

Yesterday we reported on the Executive Order (EO) recently signed by Joe Biden a month ago on climate change and the related US actions.

EXCLUSIVE: Biden’s Crazy Executive Order on Climate Change gave China access to the US power grid – Suddenly there’s an energy crisis in Texas – Is there a relationship?

Powerline reported on the energy sources in Texas and how they reacted to the freezing temperatures of the past few weeks:

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The best explanation for the ongoing blackout in Texas was posted yesterday by Mitch Rolling on AmericanExperiment.org. Texas draws electricity from six sources: coal, nuclear, natural gas, sun, water, and wind. How did these sources develop and what contributed to the blackout?

… As everyone knows, some natural gas pipelines have frozen and contributed to the blackout. However:

Remarkably, throughout the power emergency, natural gas was still generating electricity at 38 percent of its total capacity – an average of over 65 percent of total electricity generation by Monday and Tuesday – even though around 30 GW is inoperative due to frozen pipelines containing fuel.

It was the “green” energy sources that didn’t show up for work:

In contrast, the three worst-performing systems belonged exclusively to renewable energy sources: solar, hydropower and wind. Had Texas relied even more on these sources of energy, as advocates for renewable energies across the country are advocating, the Texas energy crisis would have been even worse.

The problem is that Biden’s measures limited the amount of energy from fossil fuels while encouraging the use of the most unreliable sources of energy like wind and sun.

USA Supreme reported:

After Texas Gov Abbott declared a state of emergency on February 12 [the] Biden’s government ordered ERCOT to curb energy output by forcing environmental standards on green energy. She knew full well that Texans could freeze to death in their homes on zero electricity when temperatures dropped in the single digits.

Emergency Ordinance 202-21-1 goes into effect Sunday, February 14th, showing that the Energy Department was aware of the state-wide disaster declaration from Texas Governor Greg Abbott and that ERCOT was preparing gas utilities to prepare for one Prepare for a surge in demand.

This ERCOT report was shared on Twitter:

🚨🚨🚨Biden administrator ordered ERCOT to throttle the energy output by forcing compliance with environmental standards for green energy. He knew full well that Texans could freeze to death in their homes without electricity if the temperatures dropped in the single digits. Https: // t. co / MzUmHtJEOT pic.twitter.com/oiuFdlympy

– adBad Kitty 真相 🌹 😼⚔️ (@pepesgrandma) February 20, 2021

Let me explain this further. This Texas fiasco happened because of Biden Admin’s environmental restrictions on power generation. The emergency order increases it, but:

“In order to minimize adverse effects on the environment, this order restricts operations” (snip) pic.twitter.com/sDgCTgBU61

– adBad Kitty 真相 🌹 😼⚔️ (@pepesgrandma) February 20, 2021

It looks like Biden is now responsible for the lives of Texans who were frozen last week because they couldn’t get the strength they needed to survive – all in the name of climate change.

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