Teyana Taylor Alludes That She Is Retiring From Music After Feeling Underneath-Appreciated In The Music Business

Teyana Taylor

Roommate After the 2020 Grammy Awards announcement, for which she hasn’t received a single nomination, Teyana Taylor appears to have sad news about the future of her music career. In a post on social media, Teyana alluded to having decided to retire from singing because she felt underrated in the music industry.

While Teyana Taylor was releasing her Spotify streaming stats for the year, she likely broke the hearts of her fans when she practically announced her official retirement from music.

She wrote the following long caption:

“I’m in times when I feel very underrated as an artist, get little to no real pressure from the machine, keep getting the shorter end of the stick, get overlooked, I mean the list on and on lol … That’s why I move returns this chapter of my story with the comfort of knowing that all of the hard work and passion I have put in has actually been loved and supported somewhere in the world. “

Teyana added, “To all of my supporters from day one and all of my new ones, I love you and I thank you for everything and don’t worry, you know? All hustlers understand that one door opens when another closes … either that or I’ll take the petunia with the locks !!! So what’s up. “

Previously, she voiced her extreme disappointment at not getting a Grammy nomination and suggested that the voting members were sexist as many R&B categories featured only men.


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