The 3 Best Beaches in California

If you have been thinking of seeing the best beaches in California then this article can help you achieve your goal. California, a western U.S. State, spans from the Mexican Border to the Pacific Ocean for almost 900 miles. Its main landscape features steep cliffs, sandy beach-sites and majestic redwood forests. The state’s capital city, Los Angeles, is home to the world-famous Hollywood entertainment industry. Other hillier San Francisco neighborhoods, such as Chinatown, also provide great opportunities to observe the changing sunset and sun rise each day.

Surf locations are among the top 3 California beach destinations. There is no doubt that California has some of the best surf beaches in the world. Some of the most popular surf spots are along the Santa Barbara Channel in Southern California. Here you can enjoy surfing, kite boarding, boogie board riding and wakeboarding. Wind surfing, however, is an entirely different game altogether where skilled swimmers learn to maneuver their board under the powerful winds to reach the location of their choice.

If you are looking for surfing breaks in Southern California, you will find two excellent options. The first is Point St. George located on the southwest side of the island and is one of California’s premier surfing locations. Located between San Diego and San Miguel, it offers great surfing breaks close to the beach. However, wind surfing is also a good choice if you want to experience the sport from a different angle. The Oceana Resort in Oxnard is also a great place to experience this sport with its unique tall, open design.

If you are looking for the perfect beach vacation spot on the Pacific Ocean, you should head to the Windansea Beach in Southern California. This small, but very popular beach is home to some of the best surfing in the world. It is located just off the Pacific Coast Highway and is easy to reach by car or bus. It is also home to several parks, public access and has a pier and a shopping area.

If you love the ocean and want to take it all with you when you head to Southern California, Los Cabos is the place for you. Located on the south end of the island, it is a favorite among tourists. It is home to the B&B Lagoon which is a great spot for snorkeling, diving and other water activities. Other water-based activities include surfing, boating, swimming and fishing. When I am not helping out my Los Angeles water damage restoration clients you will find me surfing. So if you see me please say hi!

Of course, the top spot for beaches in California is Fullerton Beach in Orange County. This famous beach is also home to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, which is where you can get your pilot’s permit. You can also visit the Marine Walk, which is a great place to walk along the beach and take in all of the sights. The best time to visit Fullerton Beach is from May through October, when it gets very hot and dry. Although it can get quite hot during the summer months, there are many areas that you can sit down and enjoy a nice cocktail while taking in all of the beautiful scenery.

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