Todd Tucker’s Video At The Restaurant That includes Kaela Tucker Have Followers Praising The Younger Woman – See The Video

Todd Tucker shared a video with his daughter Kaela Tucker at the restaurant. The fans are happy every time they see this young lady and they have praised her this time too.

‘Their tastes change as they get older! Lol! And her friends! Lol! ‘Todd subtitled the video.

Many followers praised Kaela’s beauty and told Todd that they were glad to see her hanging out.

Someone said, “Mine is 8 years old and has been talking about how she needs lobster and shrimp. It’s her favorite lol.” enjoy.’

Another commenter said, “I love your daughter, met her at the restaurant and she took a picture of me and I still have it. ❤️ ‘and someone else posted,’ You have this Todd, what a great father you are, God is good. ‘

Someone else said, “This is one of the things parents are good for … I have to make sure she eats well.”

Another follower posted this message: “Children are good at bringing their friends and everyone orders what they want. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I have to love it and create memories. At least they still want to hang out with you, and you can talk and see what they think. ‘

One commenter wrote, “Give me fish and chicken every day of the week. Lobster and mashed potatoes sound good! «

Someone else posted this: ‘Ha BBQs used to be the place !!!! It’s lobster and steak time, “and a fan said,” The Capital Grille I’m a server on the one in Las Vegas. Fine taste that they develop! ‘

It was announced today that, as you probably know by now, there has been a recent debate between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden that left many people quite disappointed. It appears that Kandi Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker is one of them.


Check out the video he posted on his social media account.

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