Twista Apologizes For Sharing Viral Publish Of Gabourey Sidibe, Says It Was ‘An Trustworthy Mistake’ (Unique)

TSR Exclusive: Chicago rapper Twista apologizes for sharing a viral post comparing two women to images of actress Gabourey Sidibe and model Bernice Burgos.

Lots of people were mad at Twista for sharing the viral post that people believed was supposed to shame Gabby. Now, in the midst of the backlash, Twista speaks exclusively, telling us exclusively that sharing this post was “an honest mistake”.

He says the post was a reshare from Facebook and shouldn’t harm anyone. “I apologize to everyone who insulted it,” says Twista, speaking of the post that has now been deleted.

He explained that while he doesn’t know Gabby directly, he would like to sincerely apologize to her.

“I was out most of the day when I saw the mistake, I had it fixed immediately,” said Twista. “I don’t know her directly, but I sincerely apologize to her.”

Before Twista deleted the post, Gabourey responded directly to Twista and his use of her picture in the comments below the post.

The viral post compares two fictional women and asks people who they would like to be with. Option A had a financially stable woman with no children with Gabourey as the woman pictured, and Option B was an unemployed woman without a car and with multiple children and baby daddies with Bernice Burgos.

“Impressive. I uh … gee. @Twistagmg I just like you as a rapper that I forgot in 2005. But good luck with option B!” Commented Gabby.

Not to mention, Gabby’s fiancé jumped in her defense in the comments to let Twista know that he’s not playing about his lady too!

“C YOU NEED A JOB,” commented Gabourey’s fiancé Brandon Tour.

While viral things can be fun to share, people may not always realize the message they are spreading. Maybe Twista and others will think twice before hitting that repost button.

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