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Update for the latest …: Asia continues to lead the international box office, and Demon Slayer The Movie: Mugen Train is still out of control this weekend. Currently the No. 5 greatest film in all-time Japanthe anime adaptation should move to # 2 sometime in the next week or so. In this session, the cultural phenomenon set a new IMAX record in the market and overtook Bohemian Rhapsody as the most successful film of the format with sales of 14.2 million USD in just 30 days (for comparison: BoRhap took 135 days to convert to reach USD 13 million).

Full civil servant Japan Checkout numbers for the frame will not be available until Monday when Toho / Aniplex confirm. However, we hear that the Demon Slayer’s cume is valued at around 24 billion yen ($ 230 million) in the market by Sunday. According to these estimates, the image based on manga Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba and then spawned a popular 2019 TV series is the fourth best offshore title of 2020, while releases in Hong Kong and Taiwan helped make it Demon Slayer has every chance of dwarfing Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (30.8 billion yen) as the # 1 movie in Japan, though he’ll face competition in the next frame of Stand By Me Doraemon 2.

Blumhouse Body Swap horror comedy ‘Freaky’ grossed $ 3.7 million, on par with other # 1 images during the Fall Pandemic

Back to IMAX: The fifth weekend of the Demon Slayer game in Japan was worth $ 1.4 million out of 38 IMAX screens – a drop of only 3% from the previous frame – with an excellent average per screen of $ 36,000. in the TaiwanDemon Slayer added $ 225,000 from 9 IMAX screens, and after just 10 days of IMAX play, hit market revenue of $ 710,000, or nearly $ 79,000 per screen, despite starting week two of statewide release. Hong Kongwho released Demon Slayer this weekend will receive IMAX treatment in the next session (we are again waiting for updated total cumes for these markets).

in the China, War epic The Sacrifice again led the weekend, now with sales of $ 150 million (of which $ 7.8 million from IMAX). New titles in the mix included Millennium’s Hellboy via JL Vision, which was released last Monday and which Maoyan estimates will have sales of RMB 68.5 million ($ 10.4 million) by Sunday. The entire Chinese box office had passed the RMB 15 billion (USD 2.3 billion) mark for 2020 by last Monday as the Middle Kingdom registered a box office larger than North America for the first time. DreamWorks Animation / The Croods: A New Age by Universal and Zhang Yimous One Second are on deck on November 27th.


The new Hollywood title at overseas turnstiles for that session was Universal / Blumhouse’s Freaky. The body swap twist was scary $ 1.91 million from 20 offshore markets, led by strong performance in Australia. Overall, this weekend Freaky is expected to hit the best horror / thriller opening slot in seven overseas markets since the pandemic began. In combination with domestic, the worldwide weekend is appreciated $ 5.62 million and there are many offshore runways ahead of you.

The Christopher Landon-directed feature starring Vince Vaughn bowed to # 1 in Oz for $ 426,000 on 266 screens including a preview.Interestingly, on Saturday, when a horror movie in Australia is jumping on Friday the 13th. , opens, typically a 20% jump on Saturday, while Freaky’s was 40%. This was the first session since the COVID-19 outbreak when Victoria (including Melbourne) reopened its cinemas, albeit with a capacity of just 20 people per auditorium.

in the RussiaFreaky looks at $ 324K, # 2 behind the local comedy Kaha. in the MexicoThe estimate is at $ 171,000 in third place. Despite the horror, Mexico has been weak overall, and Mexico City will have a curfew as of Monday, meaning the evening shows will be affected. Other markets that get freaky at this session include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, Sweden, and Finland. The program is for Korea on November 25th and Brazil on December 10th. Some European dates have been postponed until the end of the year but are still TBD given the uncertainties surrounding the cinema reopening.

In another studio piece, Warner Bros’ The Witches conjured another $ 1.8 million from 21 overseas markets for a previous turnover of $ 13.2 million. Russia continues to lead with USD 3.8 million. Brazil released this week.

WB’s Tenet is nearing $ 300 million at the international box office $ 297.2 million until Sunday. Australia Thanks to the reopening in Victoria, the number rose 496%. The global total is now $ 353.5 million ($ 40.7 million from IMAX) with an additional 15 markets including Argentina, Indonesia, the Philippines and India.

Focus / Amblins PG-13 horror film Come Play added $ 332,000 from eight markets, bringing international sales from 14 hubs to $ 1.99 million. The global grand total is now $ 9.29 million. Come Play fell victim to some markets where it was already open but which were then closed by authorities due to new COVID restrictions. When operations resume in these markets, Come Play will come out and play again.

Zee Studios’ family comedy Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari is the first new Hindi release in India since the pandemic began and landed right on time for Diwali holiday. It opened on site today where there is 50% capacity restrictions and we will update the numbers as soon as they become available.


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