Tinder Customers Will Reportedly Quickly Be Ready To Run Background Checks On Potential Dates—Consists of Arrest Report, Restraining Orders, Historical past Of Violence & Extra

#Roommates, if you’ve got into this tinder life and used the app to hopefully find your match forever, you’ll be delighted with the company’s latest moves to ensure user safety. According to recent reports, Tinder will soon be giving users the option to perform official background checks on any potential dates – and a lot will be included in the report.

@Verge announces the new change that is reportedly coming soon to all Tinder users to put them at ease when they swipe right to create a love match. Tinder, along with other Match Group apps, will soon be giving users the option to run a background check of their potential match using just the match’s first name and phone number. If you’re wondering what’s going to be in the background check report, it’s a lot more than you are likely to expect.

The report is intended to include information such as the arrest of a potential match, restraining orders, history of violence, convictions, and more. Garbo, the nonprofit that runs the background checks, has figured out what information will be available for potential dating matches. The company says, “public records and reports of violence or abuse, including arrests, convictions, injunctions, harassment and other violent crimes.” In addition, Garbo will also allow manually submitted “police reports, protection warrants, injunctions and other legal documents reporting abuse, harassment or other crimes”.

However, there are certain things that will not be published if found in your background check. Drug possession fees are not published in order to take an “active stance on justice”. This is due to the largely unbalanced percentage of blacks arrested and convicted on drug charges compared to whites. Traffic violations are also not reported to potential players.

It should be noted that if you are a Tinder user looking to use the new background checking feature, there will be a cost. The exact pricing is not yet known, but Tinder and Garbo are currently working to determine the amount that will work best. Once the Tinder feature is active, other Match Group brands may follow suit, including OkCupid, Match and Hinge.

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